Publishing research can seem like a daunting process, but following the tips below should make the process considerably easier for you.


Choose an Appropriate Publisher

Please make sure that you understand the journal you are submitting to. What really is it about? The only way to know is read, read and read some more. You should know all of the journals in your field inside out.

Part of the difficulty of reading so much, is that you may find yourself daunted by the prospect of actually getting your own publication in print. But persist! You have crossed the first hurdle, that of assuming that there is freedom in naievty.


Identify Reviewers

It is depressingly common for green researchers to ignore the section in the submission form where reviewers are requested. While you shouldn’t be asking your friends, you should definitely be looking to approach researchers you respect in your field.


Follow the Journal’s Style Guide… Exactly

Please, please, please read the style guide before you submit academic work. And follow it exactly! Academic publishers’ style guides may vary differently.


Realise You Are Establishing your Reputation

You’ve finished your article, formatting it correctly, and gotten it accepted to an academic journal. This is the goal, right? Just hold on a minute! Remember you are establishing your reputation with every word you publish. So think carefully, before pressing the ‘Send’ button.