About Us

Welcome to the research hub for Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools!

Founded in 2015, the Research Department has a mandate to conduct research, monitoring and evaluation on the programmes and practices of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools network. It also is able ot provide summaries of international research on education of relevance to the programme of educational reform being conducted here in Kazakhstan.

Here at the Research Department works in partnership with researchers at the NIS management company and practitioner researchers in the individual NIS schools. It closely coordinates its work with that of the Centres of Excellence situated in major cities throughout Kazakhstan. In addition, it is proud to partner with some of the longest-established universities in the world, including the University of Cambridge, University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.

Among the products of our research are five-six annual research reports, which represent the culmination of our research projects into aspects of education in the NIS network. Furthermore, the Department maintains a database of statistics on the work of the NIS network. And, we publicise the work of our research by publishing in major academic journals, attending conferences and disseminating reports, publications and the content of this information portal throughout the network.